Belgian Energy System Undergoing Fundamental Changes


The Belgian energy system is undergoing fundamental changes. The energy transition is becoming more tangible every day. On the (very) short term, there will be a significant increase in renewable energy production and in international electricity streams that are often difficult to predict and very volatile. It is this ever-changing context, driven by European Climate Goals, that causes many challenges for the Belgian grid.

These rapid changes are in contradiction with the long lead times that characterize infrastructure projects. To get maximal advantages from the energy transition, it is crucial that the Belgian grid stays ahead of these expected market evolutions. To help doing this, every 4 years, a plan is established in collaboration with various stakeholders, to describe the development of the grid. This plan is ultimately approved by the minister of Energy.

Our Motion:

Phinest was responsible for the establishment of this plan. At Phinest we highly value PMOs that are independent, responsible and professional. They bring added value to the client, by going the extra mile and taking initiative.


Phinest was responsible for:

  • Setting up the governance for the project
  • Establishing the planning
  • An efficient follow-up of tasks, given many internal & external stakeholders
  • Preparation of Steering Committees and meetings with external parties
  • Elaboration of stakeholder approach and communication strategy
  • Writing a guideline manual to facilitate the elaboration of future plans
Florence Luca

Phinest Consultant