Positive Impact on People and Organization

We Are Driven by

Human Based Approach
Mindful Projects
Community of Talented People
Structured Company
Partners in Multiple Industries
Nesting Environment

We Are Guided by


is working together with mutual values and effective communication. It ensures team spirit and allows the creation of synergies. We direct our efforts towards a common objective in a sincere and supportive environment.


creates the foundation of trust which is essential for long-term cooperation. It is also the basis of personal and interpersonal growth. We collaborate with people who act with integrity.


is the keystone of both organisational and human success to ensure sustainability. We constantly adjust to reach harmony and stability in all life’s spheres.


is core in our culture and DNA. We live by the highest standards, adopt a rigorous and tailor-made approach, and foster continuous improvement.


is nurturing from others’ ideas and insights to enrich creativity and knowledge. We share with a mutual orientation to broaden our perception and vision.


is a fundamental commitment to collaborate and grow together. We pay specific attention to soft skills and we treat others with consideration, empathy and care.

Want to Join The Phinest adventure ?

Business Manager

As a Business Manager at Phinest, you will build strong relationship with decision makers. You will recruit and lead a team of talented consultant.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager at Phinest, you will guide our clients from strategy to execution by helping them delivering strategic projects.

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst at Phinest, you will enforce changes in the organization by challenging the business and proposing innovative solutions.

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The Community Serving Your Transformation Ambitions

Phinest is building its community since 2012 by selecting and magnifying exceptional people.

Phinest is made of 60 top talented individuals, based in Brussels, who have a passion to strive for excellence. We are an homogenous community sharing the same values, mindset and ambitions.
We believe that a strong and balanced intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), shaken with best market practices in management consulting, make us able to positively impact our ecosystems.
We want our Phinesters to grow, be fulfilled and happy.

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